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Diabolical Horns 


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Diabolical Horns 

Written By: Dorinda von Stroheim 




Bowls (1) 

• Craft clay (1) 

• Needle (1) 

• White qlue(1) 

Paintbrush (a 


• Glitter (1) 

• Toothpick (1) 
Elastic cord (1) 


Sassy, sultry, yet utterly all-American, the San Francisco-based Devil-Ettes put on a kid- 
friendly, wickedly wild, high-energy show featuring historical dances from the heyday of 
1960s go-go, including the Hully Gully, the Twist, the Frug, and the Watusi. They've also 
perfected the art of making devil horns. 

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Diabolical Horns 

Step 1 — Diabolical Horns 

• Measure an equal amount of clay 
for each horn. 

• By hand, roll clay into 2 balls. 

• Then, form into cones. 

• Make the ends pointy and bend 
them in, forming horns. 

Step 2 

• Stand horns upon the flat ends. 

• Then insert a toothpick through 
each base, to allow for the elastic 
cord(this is what keeps them on 
your head!). 

• Allow horns to dry for 2-3 days. 

• After they're set (about 1 day), 
rotate the toothpicks daily. 

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Diabolical Horns 

Step 3 

• Pour glue into a dish. 

• Holding the horn by the toothpick, 
paint the horn with glue, then dip it 
into glitter. 

• Let dry, and then add another coat 
of glue and glitter to make sure the 
horn is extra sparkly. 

• Once drying is complete, remove 

Step 4 

• Thread a darning needle with 
enough elastic to go around your 

• Insert threaded needle into horns. 

• Pull the elastic through, and tie off 
the ends. 

• Wear your horns and go-go with 

This project first appeared in Make: Halloween Special Edition , page 49. 

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